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Making 100% The New Normal

An Urgent Challenge…

The transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is inevitable. It will happen whether we take action or not. Fossil fuels are—by definition–finite. They are a one-time gift to humanity. Long before they are economically exhausted, we will have turned away from them toward renewable sources of energy simply on the basis of cost.

The question, then, is do we make this transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy on our own terms, in ways that maximize the benefits to us today and to future generations, or do we turn our heads away and suffer the economic and social shocks that rising prices and market volatility will create—as it has done so often in the past.

The Idea. The Vision. The Future.

The goal is to initiate dialogue about 100% RE, build capacity and educate policymakers about the opportunities, case studies and stories that are happening all over the world.

Explore success stories, pioneers, best practices and policies from all over the world and see how 100% Renewable Energy is already reality today. Join Global 100% RE and become a catalyst of change.

100% renewable energy in power, heating/cooling, and transport sectors globally

New investments in energy systems must be 100% renewable energy based immediately

Decentralized and people-centered approach as the fastest way to transform and benefit societies

Universal, science-based, politically supported and constantly re-evaluated 100% RE targets.